The Green Card is a laser card. It refers to a Permanent Resident Card. The easiest way for most
people to get a Green Card is to be related to a U. S. Citizen or a Permanent Resident.

A U. S. Citizen can petition or sponsor a close family member. The relationships are as follows: a
husband or wife; a minor or unmarried child under 21 years of age; a parent of a U. S. citizen, however,
the U. S. Citizen must be over 21 years of age; and a widow(er) of a U. S. Citizen; an unmarried child
over 21 years of age of a U. S. Citizen would be a First Preference. A married child, any age, of a U. S.
Citizen would be a Third Preference. A brother or sister, also known as a sibling of a U. S. Citizen, as
long as the U. S. Citizen is over 21 years of age, would be a Fourth Preference.

A Permanent Resident can petition a close family member, a spouse or child, unmarried, under 21 years
of age of a Legal Permanent Resident (LPR) which is a Second Preference A. An unmarried child, any
age, of a Legal Permanent Resident, is a Second Preference B.

Another way to get a Green Card is through the lottery or through asylum or by acquiring an
employment based First or Second Preference (EB-1 or EB-2).

Labor Certification

Labor Certification is a process by which an alien can obtain permanent residence in the United States.
Labor Certification means that the alien must be offered a job by a U.S.A.-based employer in that alien’s
field of experience and expertise. The employer must then show that there are no qualified and available
U. S. workers for the job offered to the alien at a salary prevailing in the industry.

The job offered to the alien must be in his/her area of experience and expertise.

This procedure can be time consuming but there are methods of possibly speeding up the process and
this depends on the type of job offered.

Once the Alien Labor Certification is approved by the Department of Labor then one needs to proceed
with the filing of the Immigration Visa petition. On approval of this petition then the final steps can be
taken to process the alien and his/her family for permanent residence in the U.S.A.

There are numerous areas of short supply of U.S.A. workers. The success of the Labor certification may
depend on the geographical area where the employer is situated,

Alien Labor certification is available to persons both inside and outside of the U.S.A. For those inside it
could apply to persons currently legally employed on temporary work visas such as H-1B.

Many persons in the U.S.A. are eligible for Labor Certification . This includes both professional and non-
professional workers. Examples of Non-professionals are specialty cooks, electricians,
plumbers,technicians, etc.