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PassportVisaImmigration into the United States is a complicated process. There are many ways people achieve their goal of getting a work visa, student visa, business visa and, eventually, permanent residence through either a labor certification or business investment. There are other ways one can acquire permanent residency through family relationships, asylum, and visa lotteries. After one has acquired permanent residence, you can eventually file for U. S. citizenship. Certain countries enjoy protective status in the United States. If you desire to immigrate to the United States, you must seek the advice of a qualified immigration lawyer who has experience and will work hard to help you obtain a visa. Incorrectly filling out immigration forms can lead to rejection and may lead to deportation proceedings. . Under no circumstances should you lie on the application. If you have questions, contact an immigration lawyer and let him or her help you. Overstaying your visa may have serious consequences. Even minor criminal violations can be devastating to many immigrants. Since 1996, old criminal convictions have resulted in the removal from the United States of many permanent residents.

family_2People come to the United States of America for many reasons:

  • Travel
  • Visit relatives and friends
  • Educational opportunities
  • Investment
  • Retirement

Professionals and non-professionals come to the United States because of a job opportunity and become Legal Permanent Residents if desired. Each type of visit I just talked about involves a unique blueprint for accomplishing the immigrant’s goal. If you merely desire to travel here the primary blueprint would involve where you are coming from, purpose for travel, criminal background, etc. However, if you are coming to the United States to work or for business purposes, either expanding an existing business or as an employee transferred to work in the U. S. this involves a different series of questions than just traveling to the US. There is a big difference between coming to the US for a visit and coming here to work and earn a living.

If you are interested in coming to the United States to work and/or commence business on a temporary or permanent basis, our office can assist you and/or your employer.  Start Here